Bio - Shooting for Keeps

All About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy viewing my images.

These are but a sampling of photos I've taken over the past dozen years or so. It wasn't long before then that I developed a keen interest in photography and decided to work on my skills. I took a number of courses, attended various workshops, and surrounded myself with great photographers. I've soon realized that the learning process never stops. Continued practice by getting out there and shooting together with continued learning is the foundation of good photography.

The name "Shooting for Keeps" reflects the essence of my photography which is capturing the moment and keeping it forever. Even with all my training and experience of being "out there" taking photos the biggest influence in my photography, greatest fan, supporter, and source of my inspiration has been my wife Jennifer. :)

Through photography I have also made many new friends and developed relationships that will last a lifetime. It's through the sharing of images that brings me the greatest of rewards and hearing that you enjoy viewing my images is reason enough to keep sharing.

I'm a devoted Nikon user but have added a compact Sony Mirrorless camera system to my tool kit.

If you 'd like more details about my images just send me a message on my "Contact Me" page. For more images please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.