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a little about me

Having fun with my Nikon D800

Thank you for visiting my website. Unlike many photography websites you may visit I am not trying to sell you anything! For me, having this website is a way to share my love for capturing that special image. “Shooting for Keeps” captures my philosophy well, preserving the image I see with my eyes, for all to see.

Both I and my wife enjoy photography immensely. Having a partner that enjoys photography as much as me is essential to a long and healthy marriage. While our photography experience goes back many years it’s only in the past decade that we have both been able to spend more time enjoying our favourite hobby.

Landscape photography has been my focus over the years but I still find myself exploring different photography opportunities like macro (micro in the Nikon world), long exposure, black & white, nature, and the occasional portrait.

Nikon has been my camera of choice. There are so many great camera systems available now and I love keeping on top of the latest gear and gadgets. Currently I’m shooting with the Nikon D850 using a variety of Nikon lenses. A few years ago I purchased a Sony mirrorless camera system and have enjoyed playing with this too. However, I don’t think it will be long before I offer up my Sony for one of the new Nikon mirrorless cameras. Thinking the Z6 would be a nice second camera to have in my bag. If you’re interested in what lenses and other accessories I use just send me a message and I’d be happy to share.

Most of my photography is centered along the west coast of North America and in particular Vancouver Island where we reside. I am particularly drawn to the oceans and mountains.

Enjoy browsing my photographs and please send me a message if you have any questions. You call also follow me on Instagram.

Keith Blott